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about us

About Motorserve

Motorserve Servitek, Inc. was established in 2017 by Mr. Mar Ongsiaco. In the year 2000, Mr. Ongsiaco together with a partner, were driven to put up a workshop specialized in European cars. After the success of this company, the two partners decided to put up their own workshop with Mr. Ongsiaco deciding to expand its services on truck and heavy equipment repairs, hence, establishing Motorserve Servitek, Inc.

Our Mission

Client satisfaction is our main focus. For this reason, quality repair service using top quality parts that will last longer and perform better is our goal. We employ certified technicians whom we empower with up-to-date trainings, and we are diligent in keeping up with the latest technology by consistently purchasing new machineries and scanners to stay in tune with the ever-changing automotive industry. Motorserve Servitek is your one-stop shop to help you maintain your investment in your vehicle.

Our vision

Strategically located along Manga Rd, Quezon City. The company's vision is to give professional, personalized and excellent service for vehicle maintenance and repairs at cost effective prices. One of the benefits that we offer is quality repair using quality parts. We are partners with Euro Auto Part Center, Inc. and EAP Phils. Inc. Companies that are authorized to distribute the best brands in the market which means that our clientele gets quality but affordable parts for their vehicles. And because we are partners with these companies, we have ease of access to facilities that provide us quality materials that make the repairs done at a more time friendly pace.